Josh Zoerner lives and works in New York City. His work in art, design, and branding are a living tapestry that are best understood through the lens of satiating a ravenous compulsion to create. His work does not settle neatly into any formal or informal style, but rather exists in a moment of his personal evolution. His goal is to perpetually be building, re-building, and recontexualizing the art and culture he consumes and critiques as a means to define and build the icons of the future. 

Josh is the owner, creative director, and primary designer of Night Gallery, an art and design practice that is the outlet for all of his personal work and an avenue for client work. Josh is also the owner, creative director, and publisher behind Night Gallery Press, a small publication press that is a subsidiary of Night Gallery

Information on client work available upon request. Commission, partnership, and freelance inquires via email only.  

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Design: Nike, Elton John, Spotify, The Ringer, Arthur Russell, Ghostly International, DFA Records, American Nightmare, Sleater-Kinney, Andy Shauf, Dr. Dog, How to Dress Well, Locked On Records, The Streets, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Snail Mail, Bandsplain, Sarah Coleman, Baukunst, Asrai Garden, Four.el, Public Works Gallery

Branding and Strategy: Saucony, Chaco, Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, Secretly Group, Public Works Gallery, Someoddpilot, Marz Brewing, Dstillery, Four.el

Press: Alternative Press, The Hollywood Reporter, HERO Magazine, Office Magazine, Blackbird Spyplane, Varyer, Throwing Fits, The Chicago Reader

Interviewed: Davey Havok, Harry Goaz, Bobb Bruno, Chris Payne, Hua Hsu, Mike Sutfin, David DePino Xtravaganza, Foie Gras, Lemmy Ya’akova, Lesley Arfin, Alex Hodor-Lee, First Hate, Eliot Larson, Brigid Broderick, Cold Gawd, Kevin Blackwood, Fantasy Camp